Video scouting report: Vinzenz Rohrer’s game under the microscope

An in-depth look into Rohrer’s analytics, comparative production, and in-game footage to break down what makes him a solid pickup for the Habs at 75th overall.

Vinzenz Rohrer’s intensity and physical prowess in all three zones, as well as his mental quickness, resilience, and determination make for a solid foundation of skills, one that will likely carry him to the NHL one day.

In this video scouting report, I look at the Montreal Canadiens’ 75th overall pick’s production and provide data and footage collected from three of his games for the OHL’s Ottawa 67’s (February 13 vs. Mississauga, March 19 vs. Hamilton, and April 16 vs. Kingston).

He has a lot of work left to do in order to make his game adaptable to the pro game, such as scanning and shoulder-checking more often, getting to the inside more when carrying the puck into the offensive zone, as well as improving his shot selection, but Rohrer seems to have the mental strength required to persevere and grow his game in increments.

It appears in his playing style, as he often ups his trademark intensity when the game is on the line. He rarely gives up on plays, if ever, and does a tremendous job of making himself noticed physically despite his undersized frame. A couple more years of exploring his offensive game in the OHL, and Rohrer will be ready to climb the professional ranks.

At best there’s a second-line forward in Rohrer, hidden behind layers of learning opportunities. At worst, the Austrian forward has the tools to be a dominant AHLer. The likely middle ground presents itself in the form of a bottom-six forechecking winger with value on both special-teams units.


0:00 — Introduction + production comparisons

1:57 — Data collected from all three games tracked

4:58 — Skating mechanics

6:24 — Intensity

8:19 — Board play

9:08 — Small-ice skills and passing

10:37 — Defensive habits

11:27 — Transition habits

12:52 — Shot selection

13:36 — Recap of strengths, weaknesses, and NHL projection

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