The new Eyes On The Prize: Gathering feedback

Have you found something that doesn't work as you feel it should or want to make a request for something to be added? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

The new Eyes On The Prize: Gathering feedback
Shanna Martin/EOTP

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new site since its launch on Thursday, March 30. The goal was to get something functional set up immediately, and build things out from there.

So far we're into our fourth day of content and have had two Montreal Canadiens games to cover, seeing many of our regular readers from our time as an SB Nation site making this live transition along with us.

There are some updates on the transfer front. On Friday evening, the process was started to hand over the domain of the old site ( to us, and that should be completed before the end of the upcoming week. It will replace the temporary domain you're visiting now, with a redirect put in place from this temporary domain to the regular one so you'll arrive here via whichever web addres you enter.

At the same time, we received files containing the 16-year archive of articles (which numbers just under 25,000 posts by my final count at the SB Nation site) and have submitted those to this new platform's engineers to republish here. At some point next week, this new site should be filled with the old content, minus any images or comments, unfortunately (we have rescued as many of the photos and images we had the rights to when we learned they wouldn't be migrating, and will re-add those to things like our draft coverage and Top 25 Under 25 content over the coming weeks and months). The comments were on Vox Media's proprietary commenting platform, so for the second time in just a few years, your comments will once more disappear, which is a shame.

During our brief time here, we've discovered some things that we believe could improve on the back-end side of this new platform (called Ghost, and with comments managed by a service called Hyvor), and now we're looking for your feedback on what could be improved on the homepage and article pages like this one.

We've already received some feedback and are in the process of changing a few things (getting comment counts for articles to show on the front page is the current priority). Make a comment of what type of functionality you would like to change or be added, or upvote a suggestion if it has already been made to let us know how your experience can be improved.