Video scouting report: Cedrick Guindon’s game under the microscope

An in-depth look at Guindon’s analytics, comparative production, and footage to break down what makes the Habs’ 127th-overall pick an interesting project.

Cedrick Guindon’s intelligent off-puck movement, shooting habits, and combination of high-speed processing and quick feet make him an interesting project with multiple areas of his game which could translate well to the NHL for in-game situations such as forechecking, puck-carrying, and the power play.

In this video, I collect data and footage from three of Guindon’s matches for the Owen Sound Attack in the OHL (December 4 vs. Flint, February 19 vs. Sault Ste Marie, and March 27 vs. Sarnia) to break down the various elements of Guindon’s game and dissect which ones represent projectable strengths and which ones need improvement.

The Montreal Canadiens’ 127th-overall pick does have multiple areas in his game that need work, the most glaring of which is his trouble corralling pucks off the boards or off passes. Lengthening his strides and improving his posture would make him even more difficult to manage in transition, and adding different passes to his toolkit would round out his offensive game to prevent him from being a zero-calorie scorer. In the fourth round, however, rarely does a team find a prospect with this level of intelligence.

Guindon has the upside of a reliable middle-six scoring winger if he manages to fix these core issues, with the possibility of developing as a centre if his playmaking, defensive play, and faceoffs improve. The more likely outcome for him, however, is one where he sees regular fourth-line or bottom-six minutes in the NHL, contributing to the scoresheet by moving intelligently off the puck to find the space required to put shots on net.Timestamps:

0:00 — Introduction + production comparisons

2:23 — Data collected from all three games tracked

4:35 — Skating mechanics

6:13 — Intensity, disruptiveness

7:58 — Off-puck movement, playmaking, scanning

10:19 — Shooting habits and mechanics

11:27 — Puck retrievals and pass receptions

11:56  — Faceoff clips

12:16 — Recap of strengths, weaknesses, and NHL projection

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