Montreal Canadiens receive a fourth-round pick as Marco Scandella re-signs in St. Louis

Signing an extension was one of the conditions that would give Montreal an extra selection.

Marco Scandella was traded to the St. Louis Blues on February 18, 2020 by the Montreal Canadiens. The immediate return was a second-round pick for the 2020 NHL Draft, with a condition that a fourth-round pick would be added if Scandella signed an extension with St. Louis for next season, or he helped the Blues make it the Western Conference Final. Today, the Blues signed Scandella to a four-year contract extension, satisfying the first condition.

Montreal is now up to 11 picks for the 2021 NHL Draft. As things currently stand, that would be the fourth consecutive year of the Canadiens making at least 10 selections. Eleven prospects were added in 2018, 10 more last summer, and Montreal currently holds 14 picks for the 2020 event.

See all the details of these picks, and for all drafts dating back to 2005, in our Organizational Depth Chart.

Montreal is still scheduled to host the 2020 NHL Draft, but the future of all sporting events scheduled within the next several months is up in the air with much of the world on standby with COVID-19 shutdowns. That halt to proceedings could have affected the Scandella pick conditions as there was a hard date of October 7, 2020 by which the extension needed to be signed. With this situation resolved, the Canadiens have no more conditional picks in limbo.