2021 NHL Draft: Canadiens trade the 223rd pick to the Arizona Coyotes for a 2022 7th-rounder

Once more, the Canadiens have deferred to next year’s draft on home soil.

The Montreal Canadiens have once more elected to move themselves out of the 2021 draft and defer to 2022. This time moving the 223rd overall pick to the Arizona Coyotes for a  2022 seventh-round pick.

Again, I like these moves. 2022 is a much deeper class, and it will be in Montreal. If there was nobody there for 223 that they really wanted to have in their prospect pool, it makes sense to punt again and

This move concludes the 2021 draft for the Canadiens, as they have no remaining selections today. We will have ongoing coverage coming up for those selections that the Habs have made.